About Us

About Nourish Magazine

According to experts, children today are expected to live a shorter life than their parents. We want to prevent that by featuring healthy, nourishing foods and recipes in our magazine demonstrating to everyone that we do have a choice! Eating healthy is not difficult even if you have food intolerances or allergies.

Most people don’t fully understand what’s in their food and many products they consume are over processed and contain too much gluten, sugar and low quality dairy leading to an epidemic of auto-immune diseases, allergies, diabetes and obesity.

There are plenty of amazing people and businesses out there, creating fantastic products that can help us to feel great! Unfortunately, their messages and products are getting lost in a noise and confusion created by mainstream media and the fight for the supermarket shelves.

Nourish Awards

We are the organisers of the National Nourish Awards – on a quest to find the healthiest free-from foods in the UK!

Our recognitions

Our founder Diana has been judging the Free From Food Awards, the Free From Eating out Awards and also the UK Paleo Awards.

Working with us

If you’d like to see your product featured in our directory, you’d like to advertise or send a press release please get in touch.


Please note that we are not a blog – 99% of our content is crowdsourced and we are not in a position to write product reviews due to the volume of foods and requests we receive. However, if you’d like us to try, give feedback or feature your products on social media please get in touch using the form, we do try and feature all samples that is sent to us. We ask you to let us know before you send anything as there are some foods we will not be able to try – including anything containing gluten or a lot of sugar.


Looking forward to hearing from you – together we can make a change!


Nourish Magazine Team