What’s so special about our bread mix?

Our bread mix really is different – it gives great results to gluten free baking, without GMOs, chemical additives, or weird stabilisers. It makes an artisan style loaf, more nutritious than many- gluten free breads currently on the market.

With our blends, you can make great gluten free breads and pastry, irresistible scones and cakes, through to béchamel sauce, pancakes and all things in between! We want to make it easier for everyone to bake gluten free at home, and with our flour, you can bake anything and everything and get incredible results. Once you’ve tried our flour, you won’t go back, that’s our promise.

ALEVRA from the Gluten Free Flour Co Baking, without compromise.

We believe that gluten free food should be good enough that everyone wants to eat it – no one should have to make do with bad bakes, and free from shouldn’t be free from taste or quality ingredients. Our bread mixes and flour will transform your gluten free baking, and once you try it, you’ll never want to go back to the supermarket stuff!

Suitable for gluten free, vegan, dairy free, egg free

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ALEVRA flour and baking mixes are available online. Get 10% off when you use code



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