Saving food from waste while saving people money

According to a recent report by the Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD), there is an increasing trend in the grocery market towards lower-cost healthy food shopping. This is supported by a growing tendency among shoppers to place more importance on ethical and environmental factors in what they buy and where they choose to shop.

Recognising these trends is clearly becoming increasingly important to food and drink retailers, so online surplus healthy food retailer, Food Circle Supermarket, seem handily placed to offer health and environmentally conscious consumers an ideal solution.

South Yorkshire born and bred Co-Founders Paul Simpson and James Barthorpe, started the business earlier this year after three years working in the food and drink industry, where they recognised the scale of food waste.

James (25) explains, “Our background is in Business Development at one of the UK’s largest surplus food re-distributors, and it was while working there that Paul and I noticed surpluses in the healthy and “free-from” food market were lacking an ideal outlet. A number of organisations re-distribute food but we felt that specifically in healthy food and drink, the supply was out of sync with where the demand lies. Our solution was to find that demand by creating an online store, so we could ensure this food reaches people who really want it rather than ending up as waste”

The combination of saving food from waste while saving people money looks to be a compelling proposition; “What we hope to help people is do offer people a lower cost option to access some of their favourite healthy food products, and to help our environment by stopping as much of this food as possible from being wasted”

Because they source surplus products directly from manufacturers that may otherwise be wasted, supply isn’t always consistent, but they can pass on significant savings sometimes in excess of 50% off the RRP to the consumer.

“It’s a very simple and in many ways self-policing concept”, Paul summarises. “We are very clear and open with everyone through from manufacturers to the end consumers that we are a surplus food retailer. Brand owners like what we do because we’re never claiming to be operating in the same space as the major retailers. They recover some cost on what they essentially see as waste products, and our shoppers know that they are buying something that they may never see in stock with us again. But we give them an opportunity to do their bit for the environment and save some money too – everybody wins!”

The business is already working with high-profile brands and manufacturers such as Grenade (sports nutrition), Nom Foods, and Bravura Foods, and hopes to build on its manufacturing partnerships and its consumer base in the forthcoming months.


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