The first proper cookbook for a happy gut – written by one of the rising stars in the food world!

From the best-selling author of River Cottage Gluten Free, Food for a Happy Gut by Naomi Devlin is full of recipes that will calm your digestion, soothe your gut and delight your tastebuds. Giulia Enders’ Gut and the work of Tim Spector among others has helped us realise how vital gut health is to our body, brain and mental health. But a gut-friendly diet need not mean the elimination of favourite foods or hard-to-follow diets. Nutritionist and River Cottage teacher, Naomi Devlin will show you how to keep your gut happy.

Move over clean food, this book will take you back to local produce, good home cooking and a wonderfully diverse range of ingredients. Naomi will help you turn your gut into a hub of microbial diversity with lots of plant food, a wide range of meats and fats, plenty of raw cheese, slow-cooking, fermented foods and of course prebiotic and probiotic foods.

Who is Naomi Devlin?

Naomi Devlin is a nutritionist, fermentista and foodie. She has taught at River Cottage for 6 years, where her gluten-free and nutrition courses are always fully booked. Naomi’s first book, River Cottage Gluten Free is one of the brightest and most successful books on gluten-free cooking and in Food for a Happy Gut Naomi focuses on keeping your gut healthy and happy.

Naomi’s 3 steps to a healthy gut:

  1. First calm your gut. If your gut is sensitive, the first section is full of low FODMAP ingredients, seafood, broths and probiotics to soothe your digestion.

  2. Then nourish your gut with beneficial foods full of fibre, pre- and probiotics.

  3. And finally there are herbs, pickles and teas full of healing properties to stimulate and regulate digestion when you need a little extra help.


What did our team at FF Inspired think?

A great guide to anyone suffering with digestive and gut issues. It’s perfect for people with coeliac disease, IBS and any other digestive problem. The book has over a hundred recipes that will help feeding the good bacteria in the gut while nourishing and healing the body.

There are 3 main sections to fit Naomi’s 3 steps to a happy gut as mentioned above: Calm, Nourish and Heal. You will find recipes for breakfast, soups, salads, meals, sweet treats, bakes, fermented foods and much more.

In addition to the recipes, Naomi provides a detailed introduction to healthy digestion, gut health, IBS and leaky gut syndrome amongst other common gut problems people experience. She also discusses the topic of FODMAP and histamine intolerance. Finally she introduces a range of healthy ingredients and foods that are used in her book including fermented foods, resistant starches, fats, pre- and pro-biotics, meats, fruits and vegetables.

A very useful book indeed and Naomi’s great recipes demonstrate perfectly that food can be nourishing, healing and delicious at the same time!


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