Award winning fitness coach & personal trainer, Zita Alves shares her top tips with Free From Inspired readers.

Here we are – it’s a new year and you might want to have a slightly different “you” rather than a totally “newyou”. One good way to start thinking about what you’d like to achieve this year is by looking at what worked well or you in 2017?

So here are some ideas of things that might work that you may not have tried or may not have stuck to previously:

1. Tracking your food whether via an app such as “My Fitness Pal” or good old pen and paper. It’s a great way to be accountable to yourself and make sure those little snacks we might forget about don’t feature every day.

2. Keeping an exercise log – which can help you check the frequency, intensity and time you exercise for which are all principles that can affect results. If you notice in your training diary that you aren’t exercising as often as you thought you were, or you haven’t changed your programme recently or even that you haven’t increased the time, for example, that you run for, you have an instant visual way to keep track and make the necessary changes.

3. Have an accountability buddy to go running or exercise with so you can’t make excuses. This is one reason personal training works so well as my clients have that appointment in their diary that they won’t cancel because they would be letting someone else down which is often more powerful that letting ourselves down, not that it should be that way, it’s just human nature.

4. Being part of a group, such as Zest Bootcamp has a huge impact on exercise adherence and also enjoyment. Only today I received this from a member “I’ve met some fabulous, like minded ladies, feel stronger and although I still sometimes ache ( in a good way) I feel 100% better for joining Zest Bootcamp”

5. Bulk cooking healthy food at the weekend when you have more time is a great way to maintain healthy habits. For example I had a few winter squashes left from my Riverford boxes which I roasted at the weekend and then once I’d scooped out the flash I had it in the fridge ready to use on whatever way I fancied. 

6. Getting a regular vegetable box delivery set up to help you #eatmoreveg is really useful. I’ve had one delivered for at least the last 10 years, if not longer and have never tasted carrots as good as those that come in my veg box! It also encourages me to eat food vegetables that are in season in the UK, some of which are not always my top favourites but it creates more variety than if I went to the shop and chose my favourites every week.

7. Getting your workouts done in the morning so you can’t make any excuses later in the day. Many high profile business people swear by the fact they do their exercise first thing making them more productive (and probably in a better mood too!)

8.Treating your self to some new workout clothing if you hit your goals or actions. So maybe if you keep a food diary and exercise 4 times a week for 4 weeks you could buy yourself some new leggings or a top.

9. Buying a nice water bottle to encourage you to drink more water as I believe that carrying water with you is the best way to make sure we drink it … simple and effective.

10. Deciding that it’s ok for you to spend time looking after yourself and prioritising your health more than everything else you prioritise

So you see January isn’t about dieting, it’s about more than that. 

And as a thank you for reading this I’d love to offer you a free copy of my 10 minute core workout that you can get here


Zita x

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