Fori – the ultimate snack for meat eaters!

Made with real meat, seeds and dried fruit, each bar is high in protein, low in saturated fat and free from artificial sugar and preservatives. Fori is the first snack of its kind in the UK.

“We’re reinventing the traditional snack bar,” founder Carl Austin said. “There’s nothing at all like Fori in the UK right now and we’re receiving a hugely positive response in a market saturated with artificially sweetened and sugar filled snacks.”

What is a Fori bar?

The name ‘Fori’ comes from the Welsh verb Fforio which means ‘to explore’. The bar itself is described by Austin as “the lovechild of a jerky and a granola bar (without the sticky stuff.)” It’s a savoury affair, with similarities to meatloaf, in that it contains meat, dried fruit and seeds. The taste is meaty, edged by herbs, spices and sweet fruits. The bars come in four varieties; Chilli Beef, Moroccan Lamb, Piri Piri Chicken and Thai Turkey.

Fori Explorer pack

Is it dry, soft, or what?

Fori’s unique baking process means than while the bar itself is preserved without the use of anything artificial, it remains tender (unlike jerky) and does not require refrigeration.

“We don’t think you should have to compromise nutrition for convenience,” Austin said. Fori bars are real food. It’s quality nutrition for active people, all in a handy wrapper.”

Setting the trend.

Finding a place and getting noticed in the saturated snack market is becoming increasingly difficult. Having been called ‘trendsetters’ by leading department store Selfridges, however, is testament to Fori’s uniqueness in the UK:

“Fori is an exciting new concept, which brings innovation to the meat snacks category. We are extremely proud to be associated with this trendsetting brand, and are confident they will be a success,” Fresh Food Buyer for Selfridges & Co., Adrian Boswell said,

Explaining how Fori bars came to be, Austin said, “I’d been marathon training, getting by on granola bars, nuts, fruit, energy gels. It was working fine for a while but then I started to feel like I needed something with more substance, more protein. I did my research and came across Pemmican, a Native American snack which would become the foundation of Fori.”


Fori bars do away with the additives and E numbers, in favour of whole food ingredients, dried fruit, seeds, egg white powder and spices. “The bar is Paleo inspired, high in protein and contains a good amount of healthy fats,” Austin said.


Where does Fori get its meat?

“All of our meat is sourced directly,” Austin said. “A lot of people think that meat is meat, that it doesn’t matter where meat comes from, or what the animals eat. Nothing could be further from the truth. All of our meat comes from grass-fed or free-range animals, which means the meat in Fori bars is higher in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and lower in saturated fat.”


Still unsure? “We call it the What The Hell? face’,” Austin said, “It’s the reaction most people have when we tell them about Fori, but as soon as they try, they’re hooked.” As an answer to overly-sweet energy and protein bars, and as an alternative to straight-up jerky, which Austin says can be difficult to digest. Fori is hoping to attract the gastronomically adventurous as well as the fitness buffs. Fori bars are available now from the company’s website, Whole Foods, Selfridges and many other high street stores.




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