Healthy snacks and ‘sweets’ alternative for kids

According to the Mirror childhood obesity has become a huge problem. Kids are exercising less, spending less time outdoors and almost everything they eat contains sugar. Parents need help and support to tackle the problem.

At Free From Inspired HQ we are also parents and understand the importance of healthy eating for kids but also the difficulties parents face. Picky eaters, food intolerances, allergies and wanting to have tasty food and lots of sweets – it’s a constant battle.

We want to help parents by finding products that kids love – and they are healthier in many ways, contain less or no refined sugar and more added health benefits then regular sweets. You can actually get a lot of goodness into your kids if you choose your snacks right! Here are some of our finds.

Get some goodness into snacking!

1. Ombar – raw chocolate, dairy free, refined sugar free. They do chocolate buttons too!

2. Naturelly Jelly Juice – vegan, gluten free, dairy free, no added sugar



3. Good 4 you – bites and seeds – these are super tasty too, our kids love the little snack bites!

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4. Pulsin bars for kids – gluten free oat bars, no added sugar



5. Nature’s Path – for kids or grown ups, organic wholegrain bars, gluten free

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6. Honeybuns – new generation range is made without added refined sugar and milk, gluten free & vegan



7. Primal Joy – these bars are super delicious, winner of the UK Paleo Award snack category (we had the good fortune to be on the judging panel and sponsor this category). The brownies are one of a kind! No refined sugar, gluten, grains or dairy.

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8. Raw Chocolate Company – chocolate covered superfoods! No gluten, refined sugar or dairy in sight! They also do little chocolate bars, perfect treats for little hands!



9. Creative Nature – healthy and nutritious snack bars, free from gluten, nuts, dairy, refined sugar also vegan

10. Nothing But – freeze dried fruit and vegetables. Start with fruit move onto veg.


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11. Munchy Seeds – ok the honey one does have a little sugar but it’s a great way to get kids to eat some seeds. They are great as a snack or topping

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