In a world full of easily-obtainable unhealthy snacks, is there a better way to eat whilst on your morning commute? If there is, how much time will it cost me? If it’s healthy, does that mean it will taste like stale cabbage and soap?

Leading the life of a gluten-free commuter has gotten a lot easier over the past few years, with options springing up all over the trains, planes and even the bus stations! There are still obviously exceptions to this rule, there’s still that trepidation after the sudden realisation of “I forgot to eat breakfast..”, followed by the fear of the unknown: “Will I find anything GF whilst out and about today?”, but in this modern day and age you can normally find something resembling food whilst travelling to the workplace – even if it is that year old energy bar you picked up once ‘just to try’ and forgot about, leaving it in the glovebox of your car.

The problem is, most of the options out there (whilst gluten-free!) aren’t really all that healthy. You’ll know yourself when you walk down the free-from aisle in most supermarkets, if you plan on living off GF cherry bakewells, cheesy bites and those weird little quinoa crisp packets your Mum always brings you because:- ‘look! They’re gluten free!’ – well, you’re in good supply. Don’t get me wrong, I love a cherry bakewell as much as the next person, but there’s a time and a place, and the morning commute is not a time for these easily-obtainable snacks. Instead, a time for a well-balanced, nutritious, tasty meal that will set you up for the rest of the day.

There’s plenty of ways to achieve this. Cooking things at home the night before can be an effective way of getting some good food in you when the morning comes, omelettes and hash brown bakes being my two favourites – but what if there was another way? What if there was a form of instant food, that took only three minutes to make, that could be made anywhere, that was warm, healthy, and more importantly, tasty? Well, my friends, today I shall change your life. Today is the day I present to you: Mr Lee’s Gluten-Free Noodles, and why they make the ULTIMATE commuter fuel.

Mr Lee’s Noodles are a rice-based, authentic oriental, gourmet cup noodle. With six flavours, two of which vegan-friendly, their secret to being the healthiest instant cup noodle on the planet is by using freeze-dried ingredients, rather than the normal dehydrated ones.

Low in salt, sugar, saturated fats and calories, they contain no MSGs or E numbers, but instead plenty of healthy veggies, packed full of goodness. So, they’re pretty healthy, and pretty tasty if I do say so myself, but that’s not enough. Let me prove to you that they are the ultimate food for a commuter, by giving you the top 5 ways to eat them whilst on the move!

1: On your bike!

Most bicycles can have two bottle cages mounted to the frame, be it through mounts already existing on the bike or by purchasing an adapter. Stick a flask of boiling water in one, and a cup noodle in the other, and there you go! A warm breakfast on the move. Though, it’s probably not best advised to eat whilst actually on the move however, unless you’re the next Danny MacAskil (Look him up!).


Instead, when you pull up at the lights, dig in and have a quick bite to eat. Feel like you’re making good time? Stop on the pavement for a moment and have a bit more, this is the beauty of travelling by bike, stop and start when and where you want. Use the time you’ve gained by picking a healthy instant food rather than preparing something and set off a little earlier, cycle to a local park and enjoy watching the world wake up whilst slurping up some goodness, turn your boring commute into something a little more soul building!

2: On the train!

Perhaps a little easier than balancing noodles on your handlebars, Mr Lee’s Noodles can be found to purchase on all South-West trains courtesy of Rail Gourmet. Three of their flavours are available, with one Vegan option. In the dryness of the air of most trains, the flavoursome steam of the noodles will sooth your breathing, making you feel so much more upbeat when you get to the office.

Live outside the south? No problem! Just purchase some of their noodles online in advance from, and ask for some hot water whilst on the train, I’m sure most hosts will be happy to oblige.


3: In the car?

Stick your kettle on before you brush your teeth, stick the hot water in a noodle cup and eat whilst you drive to work – easy! There is an argument that noodles aren’t the most convenient food to eat whilst at the wheel, to which I’d suggest two solutions. Firstly, why not join a car-pool? Healthy for the environment, cheaper than driving yourself and means you can have your hands free to enjoy some tasty noodles!

Failing that, it’s time to get creative. Take the time out one evening to construct one giant straw, so you can drink the noodles. Genius, I know. Once you arrive, you can eat the remaining meat and veggies in one healthy slurp. A health-shot, if you will, perfect to start your day at work.

4: In the skies!

Plane food for the longest time has been awkward for those with gluten-intolerances across the world, with sugar-filled breakfast bars being the only option. But now for the select few who commute by plane, Australia’s Jetstar Airlines is welcoming Mr Lee’s Noodles aboard from 1st August, and will be serving them all across the Australasian and Pacific skies!

For similar reasons to the train, the air can often be dry and make your respiratory system feel awful, so make sure to use the midst of the mist of the noodles, and make yourself feel that much better. You’re welcome.


5: Use the footpath!

The good old fashioned walk to work. Not possible for some, but assuming you’re lucky enough to live close enough to walk to your workplace then why wouldn’t you choose a cup noodle for breakfast? No handlebars to get in the way, no steering wheel, no reasons not to. Boil the kettle as you’re getting ready, pour the boiling water in as you leave, and enjoy your hot meal whilst you walk into work. A perfect way to soak up the time, watching everyone rushing to work on empty stomachs, knowing your body is getting what it needs to have a successful day ahead.


All the poor jokes made put aside, having an instant food that’s gluten free and healthy for you is quite a big deal. As well as the enjoyment factor whilst you eat it, the goodness just keeps going through the day. You’ll work harder, being able to concentrate better, and generally feel so much better whilst you move through your working day. It’s so much better to eat right from the start of the morning, than snack from a lack of a good breakfast.


Eating a well-sized healthy meal at the start of the day also kick-starts your metabolism, meaning if you’re wanting to lose weight it’s better to eat more (What!?) at the start of the day than binging on snacks. There’s so many reasons to consume healthy, good food for breakfast! It will reduce risk of blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks, it will reduce stress, aid sleep, the benefits keep on going…

But if there’s nothing else you take from this post, take this: Eating correctly at the start of the day is no longer difficult, and there’s no excuse not to.


Wake up, eat right, enjoy your day. Repeat.


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