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Keeping Up With The Kids 

Kirsty Henshaw – founder of Kirsty’s has some great ideas how to keep kids busy during the autumn and winter months!

As much as we don’t like to admit it, we think it’s fair to say that summer is officially over. Whilst many look forward to the winter months and what they bring; cosy nights in on the couch, Strictly Come Dancing, X Factor and everything in between, we know first-hand how hard it can be to occupy the kids during this time when the evenings draw shorter and the weather stops them from being able to play outdoors. This is why we’ve created the ultimate guide to Keeping Up With The Kids, covering a range of activities that every age group is guaranteed to enjoy.

Treats for toddlers:

  • Camping – pitch up a tent in the living room or make a den using bed sheets and bring the fun of the outdoors indoors. Have a picnic and go on a bear hunt looking for hidden teddies.
  • Story podcasts – with over 8 million episodes on iTunes there is a podcast out there for everyone, including little ones. You only need to search ‘stories for children’ to be presented with Little Stories for Tiny People, Story Times and The Children’s Corner.
  • Create with cardboard boxes – possibly the cheapest and most enjoyable way to entertain a toddler. Grab the cardboard box that your dishwasher or TV came in and let them get creative. Will it turn into a train or a rocket?!


Primary school pastimes:

  • Potato stamping – grab a couple of potatoes and paints and get stamping. Cut some shapes into the potatoes for the kids to use as paint stamps. we’re thinking stars, triangles and squares.
  • Make your own instruments – get an empty Pringles tube, fill it with rice and you have your very own maracca! You can also use an empty round tin, an elastic band and paper to make your own drum, the opportunities are endless…
  • Put on a puppet show – make your own finger puppets using felt and anything else you can find in your local craft shop and let the kids’ imaginations run wild as they come up with stories for each character. 

Tasks for tweens:

  • Baking – get your tweens started early in the kitchen and create masterpieces Mary Berry would love. Whether it’s cupcakes, muffins, brownies or bread, they’ll love getting stuck in and being able to eat it all afterwards!
  • Balloon volleyball – the perfect way for them to let off some steam without breaking everything in sight. Just clear a big enough space in your room of choice, blow up a balloon and let the hours of fun unfold as they bounce it back and forth.
  • Cornflour slime – ever see the trick on Eureka where they made a liquid turn to solid just with their hands? Well, you can show the kids this at home by making your own cornflour slime (and they can even learn a thing or two about science along the way!). Find out how to make it here.

Teen to-dos:

  • Tie-dye – the ultimate 90s trend, tie-dye might not be as fashionable now but it’s still fun to do! Persil has a great tutorial on how to get your groove on and create your own wearable creation.
  • Origami – notoriously difficult to master, it will keep the kids occupied for hours as they fold paper to create their favourite animals, from easy origami dogs to jumping frogs.
  • String Laser maze – if you have a James Bond or MI5 fanatic they’ll love dipping and diving through the string laser maze. Grab a ball of string, some masking tape and create an obstacle course in the hallway that will have them twisting and turning for hours as they avoid touching it.

We love all these different activities and hope you enjoy them as much as we do! If you’re trying any out with the kids over the next few weeks, don’t forget to send Kirsty’s your photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we’d love to see them!

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