Mr Lee’s Pure Foods, the acclaimed “No Worries, Eat Happy” food and tech brand kicking up a stir in the convenience food and ready meals sector, have launched their award-winning, gourmet instant noodles into the online supermarket, Ocado last week.

Located on the sunny shores of Bournemouth, CEO Damien Lee and his team are disrupting the food industry by providing a healthier alternative to junk convenience products, starting by transforming the instant noodle market. Mr Lee’s Noodles are an extension of the team’s overall mission to help food consumers to eat smarter, without compromise on taste.

By using the latest technologies available, Mr Lee’s have created a diverse range of six noodle flavours, all of which certified gluten-free and are one of the lowest in category for salt, calories, sugar and saturated fats, with no MSG, artificial preservatives, flavourings or colourings, and with 2 vegan flavours. This is all made possible through the use of premium freeze-dried ingredients which, in sharp contrast to the rest of the industry’s use of dehydrated alternatives, retain a high percentage of the nutritional integrity and taste of the ingredient.

“Perfect for the busy parent or time-poor professional, our naturally gluten-free noodles are ideal for anyone looking for a healthier way to eat, without giving up on taste or convenience. We’ve worked hard to make sure each and every cup contains a restaurant-calibre dish, authentic in taste and texture to the oriental cuisine you’d expect from any top noodle bar.” said Damien Lee, CEO of Mr Lee’s Pure Foods.

To date, Mr Lee’s Noodles have been available direct-to-customer exclusively through their online store and Amazon, only available for purchase in a box of six. The only way to purchase a singular cup has been through the company’s expansive reach in the travel catering sector, onboard the likes of South Western Railways, East Midlands Trains and Jetstar, or though the hotel and coffee shop chains across UK and Europe, until now.

Damien continues, “Starting last week week, you can purchase from Ocado any of our exciting range of flavours as a part of your weekly online shop. We’ve always known that expecting a consumer to purchase a box of six can be daunting, but now it’s easier than ever to get your hand on delicious noodles that do just as much good to your body as they do to your taste buds!”

Consecutively voted as the UK’s best online supermarket by readers of the ‘Which?’ Magazine, day by day Ocado is furthering it’s reach to more and more homes. Having their noodles listed as a part of Ocado’s offering has been vital for Mr Lee’s Pure Foods, who are excited to see where this next step will take them.

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