Naturelly, is a fun and refreshing, on the go and in-between meal treat for health conscious parents with active kids and those with dietary restrictions.

Naturelly is an all-natural gelatine free Jelly Juice drink and snack made from scrumptious fruit juice and gellan gum. Gellan Gum is a natural dietary fibre from Lily Plants. It’s a hunger buster that helps stop those sweet tooth cravings. It is suitable for vegans, vegetarians and those practising religious diets.

With no added sugar or sweeteners, only 7g (1.5tsp’s) of naturally occurring fruit sugar and only 36Kcal a pouch, it’s the perfect, fun treat for your little ones.

It’s both a snack and a drink and comes in 3 flavours: tropical fruits, summer fruits and apple + blackcurrant.

Hi, we’re Dean and Joanne, the husband and wife team of Naturelly and along with Liam (Dean’s brother) and our daughters, we are the Naturelly Family.

Trying to find healthy snacks was always challenging for us; especially when on days out or picking the girls up from school and nursery. Tears and tantrums would often follow. We needed an on the go refreshment that would fill them up just a little, until dinner time.

  • Free from gelatine – our jelly is made from Lily Plants called Gellan Gum. This clever jelly helps fill little tummies up until meal time with it being a natural dietary fibre and by mixing it with fruit juice it helps stop those cravings for sugary snacks.
  • gluten
  • dairy
  • nuts
  • no added sugar or sweeteners
  • vegan
  • school approved

Find Naturelly

The Naturelly Family jelly juices are available at selected Boots, Wholefoods, NISA convenience and also online at Holland and Barrett, Ocado plus independent health stores, leisure destinations, farm shops, cafes, deli’s, garden centres and soft play centres around the country.

You can also order directly from our website – FREE delivery


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