Hot on the heels of bringing award-winning Nibble Protein Bites to market, Nibble Group Ltd launches its new delicious, lower sugar protein brownie range.

The original range officially launched in September 2017, with a listing on Ocado. The premium, lower sugar, bite-sized protein snack won a Bronze Innovation Challenge Award, which recognizes the most innovative products in the food-to-go sector. It was also shortlisted for two Free From Food Awards for its tasty, unique lower sugar recipe.

Like the original range, all-natural Nibble Brownie Bites have an innovative low Glycemic Index, lower sugar formulation (watch the GI video). Made with low GI antioxidant-powerhouse dried plum purée, these little gems are packed with yummy goodness. Nutrient-rich dried plums are the original superfood. They’re ranked #1 in antioxidant power, they’re full of fibre, and they’re 40% lower in sugar than dates.

Each Nibble Brownie Bite amazingly contains just 1g of sugar, sweetened with dried plum purée and low GI coconut nectar. The bites are a source of protein and fibre, but don’t worry—they taste ALL BROWNIE! These date-free beauties are also gluten free and vegan. With flavours like CHOC ORANGE BROWNIE with 72% dark chocolate chips, MINT CHOC BROWNIE with cacao nibs, and CHOC WALNUT BROWNIE with walnut pieces, these appeal to healthy and non-healthy eaters alike!

Nibble founder, Erin Moroney, created the original range when she discovered she was protein deficient in the run-up to training for the marathon. But the brownies were totally inspired by the Erin’s 11 year-old American niece, Julianna. Julie is a notoriously fussy eater who rarely ate any protein (but loved brownies). To help boost Julie’s protein intake (and hopefully lower her sugar consumption!), Erin decided to develop a kids’ range. Her nephew, Austin, was already a Nibble Protein addict (and the best brand ambassador an auntie could ask for!), so he’d love these too. Roughly based on the original recipe, the brownies would only include “brownie-stuff” (with a bit of cheeky protein snuck in). This way Julie (and other kids) wouldn’t try to pick anything out that looked too healthy–like seeds. But from the very first taste of this brownie recipe, it was clear these were way too yummy just for kids! And Nibble Brownie Bites were born!

You’d never know these little chocolatey wonders are 20% antioxidant-rich dried plum purée and 18% plant protein. They just taste like decadent mini brownies! Packaged in a cute little single serving 24g pack, each bag is under 100 calories with just 4g of sugar. Perfect for when you need that little post-meal chocolate fix. Or anytime really!




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