Forget pumpkin spice, there’s a new latte in town!

Each autumn latte lovers around the world go mad for Pumpkin Spice, a drink so popular it’s even got its own Twitter account.

With Halloween over pumpkins are soon forgotten however. Fans of flavoured lattes need not fear though as there’s a new drink in town that promises to be more than just a seasonal fad…


Reishi Chai Latte has been launched by Sweet Revolution and offers a tasty and healthy caffeine, gluten and dairy free alternative to standard lattes. For those unfamiliar with reishi, it’s a type of mushroom famed in Chinese medicine for its purported health benefits. Modern research supports many of its traditional uses and there’s been a host of scientific studies published on it. Amongst them is a recent report1 which justifies reishi’s status as ‘the mushroom of immortality’ and concludes that various natural substances found in it appear to have genuine anti-aging properties.

Sweet Revolution hope Reishi Chai Latte will be loved as much for its taste as its health benefits. With an underlying chai flavour, thanks to the popular Eastern spice mix, an additional tropical twist comes from the use of coconut milk and nectar, which add a natural sweetness without the use of refined sugar and puts the drink in a league of its own.


It’s not just your taste buds that will appreciate this delicious drink and, being certified organic and vegan, it’s bound to be a hit with those conscious of the environmental impact of the food and drink they eat.

Easy to make, simply add hot water to create a latte bursting with flavour and benefits that will rival any Pumpkin Spice.

For more information and details on where to buy please visit 

Please note: Please consult a health advisor before using if pregnant, breast feeding or suffering from a medical condition.


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