River Cottage – Gluten Free Italian course by Naomi Devlin

Free From Inspired co-founder Diana Murphy has been visiting River Cottage to take part in the new gluten free Italian cooking course. As with all other gluten free courses at River Cottage, it’s run by Naomi Devlin and promises some wonderful recipes and a great experience for those wishing to take part.

For more info and bookings visit:https://www.rivercottage.net/cookery-courses/specialist/gluten-free-italian

River Cottage HQ in Devon

After taking the tractor down to the valley to the cottage, we started the day with a few bites of breakfast – in our case this was a sample of Naomi’s Italian Panforte, a traditional Italian Christmas cake which was delicious. I admit I won’t be waiting until next Christmas before making this recipe, which is included in the course hand-out.

Gluten Free Italian course taught by Naomi Devlin
Making gluten free tagliatelle

First, we made some fresh pasta. Naomi is using pea and bean flours which have the protein that helps gluten free pasta to have some bite and character. The resulting pasta is also higher in protein and fibre and has a wonderful robust texture which makes it easy to work with. We used yellow pea flour on the day and tried our hands at the pasta machine and hand-rolling too.




Gluten free tagliatelle made with yellow pea flour

Naomi made the most amazing pesto from kale, hazelnuts which we enjoyed on our pasta.

Gluten free pizza

The day continued with making some mini pizzas using some wonderful gluten free ancient grains such as quinoa and buckwheat flours which we later enjoyed with some delicious seasonal toppings such as roast squash and a variety of cured meats and rich cheeses.

In the afternoon we made some gluten free potato gnocchi, which was really quick and easy to do once the potatoes are baked in the oven. Finally, we rolled out some gluten free grissini (like bread sticks) which was lovely to snack on in the way home.

The River Cottage kitchen was amazing serving us some amazing fresh salads to go with our lunch and the most delicious gluten free tiramisu I have had outside of Italy!

Seasonal salads from the River Cottage kitchen

Naomi included many of the traditional recipes you would expect to see on an Italian cookery course and made them not only gluten free but healthy and nutritious too, using whole flours and ancient grains. Being a nutritionist, she can answer not only your questions regarding gluten free cookery but also good nutrition and seasonal foods too.

River Cottage Gluten Free Italian course

The course is safe for coeliacs, Naomi – a diagnosed coeliac herself takes great care to minimise the risk of cross-contamination using dedicated gluten free pasta machines, spoons etc.

Taking place in beautiful surroundings at River Cottage HQ in North Devon, this course is fun, educational and practical. Naomi’s profound knowledge of cookery and nutrition coupled with her quick-witted style and humour makes this a fabulous experience and a great day out.


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