After the recent success of the Mr Lee’s Pure Food Company’s initial partnership with rail catering company Rail Gourmet, the healthier noodle company are set to expand from serving in the South West of the UK, to also include the East Midlands.


“Travelling most weeks to either Birmingham or Nottingham, I will admit that it’s very easy to rely on unhealthy cheap snacks to get me through my journey, simply because that’s all that is available most the time. The idea of a warm, filling meal, never mind something that’s actually good for me, that’s exciting.” – said Hannah from Leicester.

With how easily accessible unhealthy snacks are when travelling, it can be very easy to maintain a poor diet for those who commute, or travel by rail often. Snacks like crisps, chocolate and sweets have always been easy, cheap foods to grab before or whilst on the train. Whilst they are tasty, it’s not only just the fact that they’re generally bad for you – they’re just not cost efficient. Most unhealthy snacks contain an estimated 14% of the recommended protein of a balanced meal, but in some cases, more than 200% the calorific value. Due to their lack in protein, it takes far more of them to make the consumer feel satisfied.

“Our noodles are packed full of vitamins, fibre and protein, designed to fill you up with 0% nasties, but 100% tasty noodles. After one week of our initial one month trial with South West Trains, we were given the green light. I couldn’t be happier to announce that as of mid-October we will be bringing our gluten-free, gourmet cup noodles to the passengers of East Midlands Trains.” – said Damien Lee, CEO of Mr Lee’s Pure Foods.

He continues, “We hope for our colourful cups to be a beacon of tastiness for all, including those with specific dietary requirements. All three flavours running on the lines will be gluten-free, as well as one dairy free, vegan friendly flavour. There’s no need to panic anymore when jumping on a train with a hungry stomach, there’s a delicious cup noodle just waiting for you!”

Especially with the Autumn and Winter months to come, the cup noodle will be the only warm food option available across the two train lines. Set to expand to further over the next 6 months, Mr Lee’s will quickly become widespread across the rail network, becoming a known brand for passengers to rely on for healthful, tasty noodles. 

Three of their flavours: Hong Kong Street Beef, Dragon Fire Vegetables and Coconut Chicken Laksa will start rolling across the East-Midland trains network from w/c 16th of October. 

During the same week, Mr Lee’s will be launching 2 of it’s flavours at the Gourmet Coffee Bars at 16 stations across the UK, so if you missed out on the train trolley, you can grab a cup from one of their platform stores. For more info visit


Mr Lee's Noodles


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