New organic, gluten and dairy-free cereal from Nature’s Path with sprouted grains

For a breakfast that packs a punch with a crunch and sets you on the right path for the day, try the latest organic and gluten-free cereal from Nature’s Path – Superflakes.

This whole grain, organic, gluten-free and dairy-free cereal is made with sprouted grains and chia seeds and comes in two tasty flavours, Honey & Chia and Cocoa & Coconut.

Sprouted grains are seeds that have been harvested just before they turn into a fully-fledged plant. Sprouting is a part of the natural growing process, which gives life to the seed – but if you stop it at the right moment, you can unlock far more vitamins, nutrients and flavour than found in ‘normal’ grains. In Superflakes, Nature’s Path uses sorghum flour, black bean flour and brown rice flour – which are all made from nutrient-rich sprouted grains.

Working alongside sprouted grains are chia seeds and cocoa, which also provide a beneficial breakfast boost. Chia seeds are high in ALA Omega-3 Fatty Acids, fibre and magnesium, while cocoa contains iron and antioxidants.


Both Superflakes variants taste great too. Whether it’s crunchy flakes packed with chia seeds and a touch of honey – or wholegrain flakes coated with indulgent cocoa and mixed in with crisp coconut pieces, each one has a deliciously moreish taste and retains its crunch to the very last bite.

Superflakes are the ideal cereal to get you on the path to a more balanced diet and start your day off the right way. Both variants, Honey & Chia and Cocoa & Coconut, are available at Tesco stores nationwide, priced at £3.50 RRP.

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