A donut with no sugar and low calories?

This revolutionary treat is ‘Jim Buddy’, a new brand of low calorie, high protein donut. With all the taste of a regular donut but a precise list of clean, wholesome ingredients and a smart cooking process. They have to be tasted to be believed.

From Archaeology to body building

Tom Neal is a Cambridge University graduate who studied Archaeology and Anthropology, specialising in Egyptology. After a brief stint in Investment Banking Tom left to become a physique coach and personal trainer at an exclusive studio in Canary Wharf. His fitness modelling work led him to experiment with cooking with different ingredients in 2015.

There has to be more to life than chicken and broccoli…

Eating chicken and broccoli day in day out gets old for someone who has been training and dieting for 9 years, so the goal was to recreate his favourite food with much better nutrition: cutting out calories, sugars and unhealthy fats to make a “cheat” food that was actually as clean as can be.

Tom set up the company entirely self funded from his other endeavours as a personal trainer, online coach and ebook author. The tagline “have your donut and eat it too” embodies the idea that dieting doesn’t have to be punitive, and you can enjoy “cheat/binge” foods and have them be part of the plan: not a failure or deviation from your goals.


What’s in Jim Buddy’s donuts?

Typical nutrition

Every individual ingredient in a Jim Buddy would not be out of place in even the most strict of bodybuilding diets. There is no added sugar; real banana is used rather than an aceulfame k or aspartame substitute etc. Every ingredient was utilised with health in mind.

Protein: Jim’s protein comes from high quality whey

Real fruit, nuts and natural flavours: Another source of sweetness, flavour, fibre and vitamins is the inclusion of real fruit in a Jim Buddy bake. Nuts and seeds too for protein, clean fatty acids and an awesome taste.

Erythritol: Erythritol is a naturally occurring sweet polyol, found in watermelons, pears, and grapes. It is not digestible so is effectively calorie-free! It is 70% as sweet as sugar and contains only 0.2 calories per gram.

L-Glycine: This amino acid is essential for many different muscle, cognitive and metabolic functions. It speeds recovery while you sleep and supports a strong immune, digestive and nervous system.

The donuts come in 4 flavours: Chocolate Orange, Vanilla Bean, Peanut Butter and Banana Cinnamon.

They come in their own individual tubs to ensure freshness out of the bakery. The RRP is £2.50 individually and a “Six-Pack” is £14.99. They are sold online and in gyms, health food stores and other leading outlets listed on the website.

For more information about ingredients or to order your pack of donuts visit jimbuddy.co.uk



Typical ingredients and nutrition



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